Play Sufficiency Assessment

Maximising resources

This section should provide an overview as to how partners currently use their existing budgets to support children’s access to play opportunities. It should identify how budgets have been reprioritised as part of the 2022 Play Sufficiency Assessments and subsequent plans.

Please use this section to highlight what has changed since the 2019 Play Sufficiency Action Plan in terms of how resources are allocated.

Please also highlight how Welsh Government programmes have been used locally for the provision of play and how they have addressed priorities from your 2019 play sufficiency assessment:

Over the last two years we have been fortunate to receive Welsh Government funding for play; the Summer of Fun 2021, the Winter of Wellbeing 2022, Capital Play and also the Play Works Holiday Assistance Scheme. This has allowed Pembrokeshire County Council to provide a wide range of activities, which have supported children and young people with their mental health and wellbeing, whilst promoting social interaction and play.

The coronavirus pandemic and its restrictions have had an impact on children’s rights to play and we are aware that vulnerable children have been more heavily impacted. We utilised the Welsh Government funding to support our most vulnerable children and young people in the county, offering activities and opportunities, which would not in usual circumstances be affordable for our families.

Playing and staffed play work provision positively impacts on children and families and our opportunities have allowed families to benefit from early preventative systems.

Play is a vital element in children’s development and something that can provide a strong protective factor in children’s lives. Playing helps children to develop their inner resources and build resilience to difficulties and uncertainties in their home and other parts of their lives.

ID: 9172, revised 03/11/2022