Trade Waste

What can I recycle

What you can recycle with us 

  •  Plastics, cans, empty aerosols, foil, food and drink cartons ✓                   
  • Card and cardboard ✓                                                                          
  • Paper ✓                                                                                              
  • Glass bottles & Jars ✓
  • Food Waste ✓
  • Unsold Textiles ✓
  • Unsold WEEE ✓


Not accepted 

  • Black or brown plastic tubs, wrapper, plastic bags and film, crisp packets, bubble wrap or food pouches 
  • Dirty or stained cardboard, polystyrene, plastic wrap, bubble wrap or any other waste 
  • Tissues, kitchen roll, napkins, blue roll or brown paper 


Contaminated Waste & Recycling

To ensure you stay fully compliant with the new recycling regulations, you must ensure that your recycling is correctly separated for collection.

If the wrong recyclable materials are mixed or recycling is disposed of as general waste, we will not be able to collect your waste and/ or recycling until the recycling has been removed or segregated correctly.

In the event of this occurring, we will contact you to advise you of the issue and the action needed to be taken.

Contaminated/co-mingled waste and/or recycling could incur additional costs to your business and fines from Natural Resources Wales if you continue to mix waste and/or recycling incorrectly.

In the event that you/your business fails to comply with the new recycling regulations, Pembrokeshire County Council could consider terminating your contract.

ID: 765, revised 26/04/2024