Public welfare and environmental protection


Events will almost always generate some waste mainly food and drink containers and removing this needs to be a key part of your event planning.

Always try to reduce the amount of waste at your event by thinking of refusing, reducing, reusing, recycling, repurposing or rotting the resources you chose to use. 

You should:

  • Organise bins for both litter and recyclable waste, inside and outside your event.
  • Arrange extra cleaning of your event site and the area around your event setting, both during and after your event.
  • Encourage participants to be responsible with their litter and waste throughout your event.
  • Motivate and equip staff and volunteers to manage your waste and to help participants dispose of their waste and litter at your event.
  • Organise for a group of enthusiastic local volunteers to clean-up after your community event.

For further guidance on waste management for the event see: WRAP 

For further information on waste and recycling please contact the Waste Management Team on 01437 764551 or

ID: 4838, revised 09/03/2023