Public welfare and environmental protection

Provision of Toilet Facilities

Ensure that adequate sanitary provision is made for the number of people expected to attend your event, including provision for people with disabilities.

Where possible, locate toilets at different points around the venue rather than in just one area to minimise crowding and queuing problems.

Toilets should also be provided with hand washing facilities, including hot water and soap and towels, particularly any facilities that are provided for food handlers.

The following table shows the general guidelines for provision of welfare facilities:

For events with a gate opening time of 6 hours or more

  • Female: 1 toilet per 100 females. 
  • Male: 1 toilet per 500 males, plus 1 urinal per 150 males.

For events with a gate opening time of less than 6 hours duration

  • Female: 1 toilet per 150 females. 
  • Male: 1 toilet per 600 males, plus 1 urinal per 175 males.  

For further details on sanitary facilities provisions refer to BS 6465: Part 1 2006 or the Purple Guide.  

ID: 4828, revised 09/03/2023