Public welfare and environmental protection

Animal droppings

Those planning recreational use of animal pasture (those used for grazing animals) should be aware of the potential risks associated with E.Coli 0157.  Children are especially at risk.

Ideally to completely avoid risk of infection by E.Coli 0157 from this source, fields used for grazing or stockholding of animals should not be used for camping, picnicking and play areas.

The risks can be greatly reduced by adopting the following sensible precautions:

  • Keep farm animals off the fields three weeks prior to use;
  • Remove any visible droppings, ideally at the beginning of the three week period;
  • Mow the grass, keep it short and remove the clippings before the fields are used for recreation;
  • Keep farm animals off fields during use;
  • Remind people to wash their hands before eating, drinking and smoking and provide facilities for them to do this.

Guidance on the recreational use of pasture land


ID: 4833, revised 09/03/2023