Public welfare and environmental protection

Dogs at events and in the countryside

If your event welcomes dogs it is advised that you ask people to be responsible owners and follow these steps to keep pets and people safe and protect the environment:

  • Offer free dog poop bags and advise participants that if they don’t pick up dog mess they will be asked to leave the event.
  • Remember dogs should not be left in cars in hot weather.
  • Dogs to be kept under control so that they do not scare people, or disturb farm animals, birds or other wildlife.
  • If walking over Access Land (designated open country or common land), dogs must be kept on a short lead between 1 March and 31 July - and should be on leads all year round near livestock - and to abide by any additional signage that may advise dog owners on restrictions (Countryside & Rights of Way Act 2000).
  • Advise dog owners to put dogs on a lead on public paths, especially on the coast path where the risk of falls is high.
  • Always keep dogs on a lead if owners cannot rely on its obedience.
  • Remember that by law, farmers are entitled to destroy a dog that injures or worries their animals.
  • If a farm animal chases whilst with your dog, it is safer to let the dog off the lead – and don't risk getting hurt by trying to protect it.
ID: 4839, revised 09/03/2023