Public welfare and environmental protection

Sea, Waterway and River Biosecurity

If your event either uses waterways like rivers or bodies of water like the sea or inland lakes then it is advised that you ask participants to be aware of biosecurity.  If people are bringing their own water craft such as boats or kayaks or other equipment such as fishing rods and bait then care needs to be taken to ensure that both diseases and invasive (non-native) are not spread.   Everyone visiting a water body is responsible for helping to avoid the spread of non-native species on their clothes, equipment and everything else that comes into contact with water.

Guidance is available at GB Non-native species secretariat which sets out simple instructions that can help everyone prevent the accidental transfer of non-native species. A number of “Stop the Spread” posters are also downloadable in both Welsh and English languages.



ID: 4840, revised 09/03/2023