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What is TAF?

Team Around The Family (TAF) is a tier two preventive service which aims to support and empower families with a wide range of issues to make positive changes for their children and family.

TAF provide early intervention to reduce likelihood of escalation to statutory services, focusing on the needs of the family and are involved only with the family’s consent. Being Tier 2, TAF are not a universal service, if matters escalates to statutory services TAF typically step out.

TAF take a multi-agency approach to support and action planning, organising support and meetings to ensure a holistic approach for the service user.

TAF work with a range of agencies from community connectors to emotional health and wellbeing teams to ensure the best support for all families. Furthermore, working multi-agency allows TAF to signpost families to other services that are relevant to assress specific needs. The main client focus is typically parents in need of extra support in regard to their families.

 In addition to direct work, TAF run a number of groups from parenting to empowerment, to help build/ repair relationships and self- esteem.

TAF typically work with approximately 200 clients at any given time. TAF takes a strengths –based approach to work with families which includes the Signs of Safety practice framework, which focuses on what is working well, what the worries are and how they would like it to be.

It aims to identify risks and work to strengthen the individual or family situation. This works well in the agency as it helps families identify what is working well for them and how they can utilise this to improve their situation or manage risks. Person- centred planning is a key area in TAF and the team use this approach to ensure it is recognised that the client is the expert in their own life and the strengths are identified to move forward.

To find out what a TAF worker could offer your family and how to access the service, see the Team around the Family Leaflet.  

The Team around the Family (TAF) are based in:

Flying Start Centre Pennar

Cross Park


Pembroke Dock

SA72 6SW

Telephone: 01437 770023

Information for Professionals

What is TAF?

Team Around the Family (TAF) is a service for families who wish to make positive changes to family life but need support to make those changes.

Research shows that when families identify for themselves the positive changes they wish to make and are supported to make these changes, that the long terms outcomes on the lives of their children are greater and more sustainable.

To find out about the role of the TAF worker with the family, making a referral and what happens next, 
see the Team Around the Family: Factsheet for Professionals.  


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