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Further, targeted, opportunity to submit LDP 2 Candidate Sites, summer 2021

Due to a previously unforseen administrative error in 2017, a small number of individuals on the Pembrokeshire County Council LDP 1 database were not notified of the opportunity to register their interest for the LDP 2 database.

For those individuals who were on the LDP 1 database but not notified of the commencement of the LDP 2 process, in the interests of fairness, an opportunity has been provided to submit a Candidate Site. That window of opportunity is specific to the affected individuals and is not a wider invitation for submission of new sites.  For those affected, the closing date for submission of site(s) is 5pm on 30th July 2021.

Should any new sites be received by the Council, they will be placed in an Addendum to the LDP 2 Candidate Sites Register, alongside other relevant supporting documents.

Also, if the outcome is that further sites are received through this additional, targeted, site submission opportunity, these will be advertised publically for a 6-week consultation period later in 2021.  The Council will then undertake a site evaluation in a like manner to that undertaken for sites submitted earlier in the process, prior to undertaking further work on LDP 2.

Looking ahead, the next stage for Pembrokeshire County Council on LDP 2 would be expected to be publication of Focussed Changes.  However, given the delays and complexities arising from Covid-19 pandemic and from the publication of new guidance relating to phosphates in Riverine Special Areas of Conservation by Natural Resources Wales, re-Deposit of LDP 2 and a further public consultation on a modified Plan may be necessary.  Either a Focussed Changes document or a re-Deposit Plan will be published for a full public consultation.  The Council is not at this stage able to predict the timing of this publication, due to the uncertainties associated with the additional work required in relation to the phosphates guidance. 

Once the Council has a clearer understanding of the likely timetable assocaited with LDP 2 it will follow the appropriate regulations and guidance to prepare a revised Delivery Agreement for consideration by Full Council and for subseqent endorsement by Welsh Government.  This will be advertised on the Council's website and we will write to all of thosie on our database regarding this. 


The following documents include all sites that have been submitted to the authority for the replacement Local Development Plan (LDP2). These suggested sites are known as Candidate Sites.

A new schedule containing original and additional Candidate Sites has been published, along with the Authority’s initial assessment of them as part of an updated Candidate Sites Register. This register reflects changes made to the Rural Settlement Report available on the evidence page following Preferred Strategy responses.


This version also has the corresponding table for each settlement following each map rather than being in separate documents. Please see the cover text document, which explains the initial Site assessment before downloading the Candidate Site register.

Candidate Site Register 

Explanatory Text

Candidate Site Register - Part 1

Candidate Site Register - Part 2

Candidate Site Register - Part 3

Candidate Site Analysis Methodology

ID: 2505, revised 26/07/2021