Customer Service

Our Mission Statement

As an organisation we have a clear sense of purpose:

Working together, improving lives

Our work towards this goal is underpinned by three principles:

1. Sense of Purpose

Our purpose is to inspire and support individuals, communities and organisations to secure improvements in social, economic and environmental well-being.

2. Improvement

We will aim to transform the way in which the organisation works, innovating and seeking best practice to help us deliver in more effective and efficient ways. We will aim to continue to make prudent choices, by living within our means and avoiding unnecessary processes and waste.

3. Working Together

We will work together to help provide joined-up support and services for Pembrokeshire people, visitors to the county, communities and organisations. We are committed to the continued development of effective partnerships with voluntary, private and public sector bodies within and out of the county. 

ID: 584, revised 17/01/2023