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How to get a copy of a completion certificate

Copies of information from building control files are available via the ‘submit a request’ button below. Prior to submitting a request, you should read the important information below.

The cost for us to perform a search of our records and provide a copy of a completion certificate (payable on each separate property) is £35.00 + VAT (£42.00)

Additional charges for copying other documents

  • A4 monochrome - 10p per sheet
  • A4 colour - 30p per sheet
  • A3 monochrome - 20p per sheet
  • A3 colour - 60p per sheet
  • A2 monochrome - 40p per sheet
  • A1 monochrome - 80p per sheet
  • A0 monochrome - £1.60p per sheet

Additional time to copy documents – please contact Building Control on 01437 764551 for a quotation.

The aim of levying these charges is to avoid the burden of the costs falling on all Council Tax payers.

Important information

  • Where the applicant is an individual, the majority of the information held on the Building Control file is likely to be classed as personal data in accordance with the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. Personal data cannot be released to anyone other than the applicant or their agent.

  • All charges for copies of documents are non-refundable.
  • Building control records are only retained for a period of 15 years.
  • Please remember that a completion certificate can only be issued where a satisfactory final inspection has been undertaken.
  • We aim to respond to requests for information within 7 days of receipt of a valid request.
  • All requests must be made online via the link below and paid in full in advance.
  • We do not hold copies of competent persons scheme certificates (Prefix CP)
  • For works overseen by an Approved Inspector, please contact them directly for a copy of the final certificate (Prefix IN)

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