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Waste Strategy

How well are we performing?


Pembrokeshire County Council Performance





Levels of preparing for reuse and recycling/composting (or Anaerobic Digestion) for municipal waste.



BMW (Biodegradable Municipal Waste) Landfilled

8078 tonnes

2985 tonnes

Whilst this is a commendable achievement we can see that there is still much to do if we are to continue these trends and meet the targets of 2019/20 and beyond.

A financial penalty of £200/tonne is incurred if the Council fails its recycling targets.  This would have severe implications for the Council.

To fail the recycling target by just 1% would equate to approximately 700 tonnes.

The financial penalty incurred could be:
700 tonnes x £200/tonne = £140,00

ID: 2262, revised 09/03/2021