Overview and Scrutiny

Services Committee

The role of the Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee is to review and scrutinise public facing services delivered by the Council, with the exception of those within the remit of the Schools and Learning and Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committees. The Committee will scrutinise the quality and performance of these services.

The remit and scope of the Committee in relation to Council services, and divisions within these services, is as follows:

  • Infrastructure
  • Environment and Civil Contingencies
  • Housing
  • Building Maintenance
  • Planning
  • Property
  • Public Protection
  • Economic Development and Regeneration
  • Cultural Services
  • Leisure Services
  • Revenues and Benefits

The Committee has 13 members and will meet at least five times per year. Details of Committee members and future meetings, along with the Committee Work Programme can be found via the links below. 

Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee Forward Work Programme

Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee (opens new window)


7 September 2023

One-off Committee Items

  • Item: Property Service
  • Purpose: Report on implementation of Audit Wales review recommendations/action plan

Standing / Re-occurring Items

  • Item: Incidents of vandalism on the Authority’s properties
  • Purpose: A bi-annual update to the Councils SAMG and Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee to scrutinise the effect of vandalism on the Authorities properties and the associated costs and implications
  • Item: Enviro-Crime Enforcement update
  • Purpose: Update report
  •  Item: Regeneration Programme
  • Purpose: Bi-annual update report to include an update on the second tranche of levelling up funding including process for arriving at bids and how survey results from ‘Have your say’ are taken on board. To include an update on Haverfordwest Castle and the Multi-Storey Car Park.
  • Item: Flood Prevention Work
  • Purpose: To provide any update, if available. 


14 November 2023

One-off Committee Items

  • Item: Haverfordwest Airport
  • Purpose: To receive an update on the situation and services at the Airport.

Standing / Re-occurring Items

  • Item: Flood Prevention Work
  • Purpose: To provide any update, if available. 


ID: 547, revised 31/07/2023