Marriages and Civil Partnerships

Where to hold your ceremony

You can have a civil ceremony at a Register Office or at an approved premises or a religious ceremony at a church or religious building.

Register office 

The Register Office is available for basic statutory ceremonies and accommodates up to 4 people .

To check availability or make a booking ring us on 01437 775176.

Venues approved for civil ceremonies

Civil ceremonies must take place in a venue approved by your local authority.

Venues vary in size and location from small and intimate hotels, tastefully converted barns, to larger hotels and mansions, and even a couple of castles! All situated in some of the most romantic, historical and beautiful areas of Pembrokeshire - from deep in the heart of the Pembrokeshire countryside in the north, along some breathtaking rugged coastline, to beach towns in the south. Your biggest problem will be deciding where!

Once you have chosen a venue, check its availability and make a provisional booking. It is very important that you then contact us to ensure that registrars are available to conduct and register your event.

Religious establishments

If you are planning a Church of England or Church in Wales wedding you will need to speak to the vicar of the parish who will discuss your plans with you. The calling or banns and registration of your marriage will be the responsibility of the clergyman and should not normally involve the local register office.

If your wedding or civil partnership is to be held in another religious building, you must give notice in your local Register Office.

Usually, one or both, of you should be resident in the district where you plan to hold your ceremony or the building should be the ‘usual place of worship' of one of you. You may also hold your ceremony in another district if there is no building of your religion in your district(s) of residence.

A registrar from the district in which the building is situated must attend your ceremony unless the building has its own ‘authorised' person who may register marriages. It is advisable that you check this, and if a registrar is required to attend please check availability with us before you name your date and time. 

Civil Naming and Renewal of Vows ceremonies cannot take place in a religious building.

Getting married outside Pembrokeshire

You can get married or form a civil partnership at any registration office or approved venue of your choice in England and Wales, irrespective of the district in which you live. You will need to make arrangements direct with the register office or approved venue. You can obtain a full list of licensed buildings from the General Register Office.

Holding your ceremony abroad

If you are entering a marriage or civil partnership ceremony abroad you should ensure that you understand and follow all the regulations according to the laws of that country. You will almost certainly be required to provide certain documents and in some instances a Certificate of No Impediment, which is available from the Register Office. We advise that you contact the consul for the country in which you wish to get married.


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