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Health and well-being services

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

The Young Minds 0808 802 5544 offers free confidential online and telephone support, including information and advice, to any adult worried about the emotional problems, behaviour or mental health of a child or young person up to the age of 25.

Citizens Advice Guide provide free, independent advice on legal issues, money, benefits and other problems. To make an appointment in Wales call: 08444 77 20 20


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Protect Children Against Flu

The flu vaccination is quick and safe and could prevent weeks of serious illness. 

You can get advice form your GP practice, school nurse, Health Visitor or Public Health Wales


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For more information or support: suicide 


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The Social Services and Wellbeing Act (Wales) 2014

The Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act received Royal Assent and became law on 1 May 2014. It came into force on 6 April 2016.

The Act provides the legal framework for improving the well-being of people who need care and support, and carers who need support, and for transforming social services in Wales.

Read the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act. or click here for the easy read version for young people.

If you visit the Welsh Governments Website there are documents that demonstrate how this act affects different people/professionals in Wales.

e.g if you are a carer – find the relevant information here

The Care Council for Wales has a learning hub where you can access different information.


Essential numbers and links

1.     NHS Direct Wales The NHS Direct Wales website contains a wide range of health information including details of dentists, pharmacies, sexual health clinics and support groups in your area as well an A-Z encyclopaedia of health.

National Health Service Direct Wales (opens new window)

2.     A - Z encyclopaedia of health Information on medical conditions and treatments.

NHS Direct Wales - Encyclopaedia (opens new window)

3.     Choose Well Choose Well will help you decide if you need medical attention if you get sick. It explains what each NHS service does, and when it should be used.

Choose Well (opens new window)

4.     Accident and Emergency Departments (A&E) Accident and Emergency Departments (A&E) are found at most hospitals. They help people who show signs of being very ill or are badly injured. If you telephone 999 and tell the operator that there is a medical emergency, a response vehicle will be sent to your location.

NHS Wales - Local Health Services (opens new window)

5.     Hywel Dda Health Board Hywel Dda Health Board has a responsibility to provide all the necessary healthcare services for Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire and to improve the health and wellbeing of its residents.

Hywel Dda Health Board (opens new window)

6.     Health in Wales Health in Wales is the gateway to information on health and NHS services in Wales. See strategies, policies, statistics and data. Access the latest news, research and jobs online. Health in Wales is a sister site to National Health Service Direct Wales (opens new window)a gateway to information and advice about your personal health.

Health in Wales (opens new window)

7.     Public Health Wales Protecting and improving the health and wellbeing of the population of Wales.

Public Health Wales (opens new window)

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Parents advice

Family Lives offers a confidential parentline on 0808 800 2222 for advice, information and support on any aspect of parenting and family life.

The YoungMinds Parents' Helpline offers free confidential online and telephone support, including information and advice, to any adult worried about the emotional problems, behaviour or mental health of a child or young person up to the age of 25.

Call 0808 802 5544 or visit: Young Minds

Citizens Advice Guide provides free, independent advice on legal issues, money, benefits and other problems. To make an appointment in Wales call:
08444 77 20 20

Gingerbread provides free advice, support and fact sheets on a range of issues including maintenance, benefits, debt, legal rights on 0808 802 0925

Contact Cymru is a charity which offers information, advice and support to parents and carers of children with any special need or disability as well as professionals working with families


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Healthy Eating

Ensuring that you have a healthy balanced diet is an important step towards good health. Good health is essential in leading a full and active life.

There are many local and national campaigns supporting families who wish to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Health Challenges Community Pembrokeshire   

Healthy Eating (NHS Wales)

Change 4 Life (supports adults and children in eating well, moving more and living longer) 



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Stop Smoking

If you want to quit smoking visit NHS Smoke Free where you can order a free Quit Kit containing lots of resources and information on quitting smoking.

NHS - Smoke Free


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Pembrokeshire Adult Substance Misuse Services

Substance Misuse Services in Pembrokeshire aim to reduce the harm caused to the individual, their family, friends and the community, by providing assessment, care management and a variety of community interventions and access to in patient and residential treatment.

Services are provided by Pembrokeshire County Council, Hywel Dda and Dyfed Drug and Alcohol Service (DDAS), and all referrals to the Adult Substance Misuse services are via DDAS- 01437 967980.

What is substance misuse?

Substance misuse is the continued use of drugs or alcohol despite negative consequences to the individual using, their friends, family and the community. All substance use has the potential to cause health, social and criminal consequences.

The most commonly used substances are alcohol, nicotine and cannabis, others include stimulants such as amphetamine, opiates such as heroin and depressants such as benzodiazepines.

What causes substance misuse?

Substance use often starts when people are young and influenced by friends and family. Most peoples use will reduce as they get older, but for others it can become a problem. While initially they may have enjoyed the effects, they may find it increasingly difficult to enjoy life without substance use.

Some people may find that substance use helps them to deal with difficulties in their lives, and this can often lead to increased use. Substance use itself may then cause problems for the individual, financially or within their relationships influencing them to use more, creating a vicious circle.

Some people use substances to manage physical or emotional pain, often while providing short term relief, the substance use will have long term negative consequences.

What problems are caused by substance misuse?

Increased use of drugs or alcohol can lead to physical and/or psychological dependence making it harder for the individual to stop using despite the consequences.

Substance misuse can have severe consequences to the individuals physical and mental health, it can lead to family breakdown, financial difficulty, homelessness, arrest, unemployment and in some instances death.

Drugaid's Choices Service offers support, preventative and harm reduction information, and therapeutic and practical interventions to children, young people and families in relation to the use of drugs and alcohol. Choices deliver outreach campaigns and offer training and ongoing consultancy and support to universal, targeted and specialist services. Tel: 01437 967980

Substance Misuse Team

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Sexual Health

Details of Sexual Health clinics within Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire

If you have a teenager and are worried about discussing sex and relationships wiith them. Family Lives advice

FPA offer tips and advice to give you the confidence to talk to your children about growing up, relationships and sex


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