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Myths and facts about suicide

  • There’s no turning back – suicide is final.
  • There’s no choice after death, so ‘choose life’.
  • Sometimes the person who attempts suicide does not die but damages their body so badly that full recovery is impossible.
  • There is no coming back. There are no second chances.
  • You can’t be dead just for a little while then come back to have tea with your mum.
  • You can’t just try it and expect everything to be okay. It’s a very fine line between life and death, often less than 30 seconds.
  • The effect of suicide on family and friends can be overwhelming. Suicide is the most difficult for those who are left behind to cope with.
  • You have prevented other people from helping you forever.
  • You will never be around to help other people who may be feeling just as bad as you have felt.
  • Many suicides can be prevented. It is not the inevitable outcome for a distressed young person going through a difficult time.

 For more information or support regarding any issues with suicide please click on the link below :

Suicide – NHS choices

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