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Food Hygiene Training Requirements

Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 on the Hygiene of Foodstuffs requires that food handlers working in a food business are supervised and instructed and/or trained in food hygiene matters relevant to their work. It also requires that those responsible for developing food safety management procedures receive adequate training in the application of HACCP* principles.

*(HACCP Principles are the seven principles required by the above legislation which are necessary to effectively manage food safely).

The degree of training needed by a particular member of staff depends on their duties. For example, people involved in preparing open high-risk foods (e.g. chefs, cooks, catering assistants, people who make sandwiches, etc) need a higher level of training than those who wait on customers or wash up.

There are a variety of food hygiene training courses available depending on the needs of the food handlers. Examples of the courses offered by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health are:

Level 1 Awards in Food Safety

Lay the foundation for progression through levels 2, 3 and 4 with Level 1 Food Safety sector-specific qualifications.

  • CIEH Level 1 Award in Food Safety Awareness in Catering
  • CIEH Level 1 Award into Induction into Food Safety in Manufacturing
  • CIEH Level 1 Award in Food Safety Awareness for Retail

Level 2 Awards in Food Safety

New and completely revised qualification to replace the CIEH Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene


Level 2 Award in Healthier Food & Special Diets

Provides the tools to help caterers grasp the fundamental principles of nutrition


Level 3 Awards in Food Safety

A set of new and completely revised qualifications to replace the CIEH Intermediate Certificate in Food Safety:

  • CIEH Level 3 Award in Supervising Food Safety in Catering
  • CIEH Level 3 Award in Food Safety Supervision for Manufacturing
  • CIEH Level 3 Award in Food Safety Supervision for Retail
  • Intermediate Certificate in Food Safety (Refresher)

The overall aim of this programme is to remind candidates how to supervise food safety to control contamination and safeguard the health of consumers.


CIEH Level 3 Award in Implementing Food Safety Management Procedures

Helps owners and managers of small- and medium-sized catering and hospitality businesses put in place a documented food safety management system based on HACCP principles.


Level 3 Award in HACCP for Food Manufacturing

For business owners and managers of all food manufacturing businesses.


CIEH Advanced Certificate in Food Safety

For managers, supervisors and trainers.
Note: This course has been superseded by the Level 4 Awards in Food Safety (below).


CIEH Level 4 Awards in Food Safety

From food business owners to trainers, from production managers to hygiene auditors, these sector specific qualifications meet industry's need for a high level practical qualification with external accreditation.

Other bodies which are approved to run food hygiene training courses include:

  • The Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) 
  • Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT)


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