Approval of Food Premises

When do premises need to be approved?

Certain food business who handle and /or prepare foods, that contain food of animal origin, e.g. meat products, such as meat pies or cooked hams, meat preparations such as sausages or burgers, minced meat, dairy products such as milk, cheese, cream, fish or fishery products such as shellfish, dressed crabs or lobsters, or eggs such as manufacture of powdered egg or liquid pasteurised egg, need to be approved with Pembrokeshire County Council.

Activities involving, mechanically separated meat, frogs legs and snails, rendered animal fats and greaves, treated stomachs, bladders and intestines, gelatine and collagen also require approval.

The approval requirement only applies to premises which primarily sell these products on to other businesses, rather than sell to the final consumer of the food.

If you are considering commencing a business which may need to be approved, you are advised to contact the Council's Food Team well in advance of setting up the business.

ID: 1553, revised 12/10/2022