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Common Questions

What if I don’t speak Welsh?

Don’t worry. Many children in Welsh-medium education in Pembrokeshire come from a non Welsh speaking background. You’ll be well supported byr your chosen school. They communicate with parents in both languages and there is plenty of support to help with schoolwork.

Will learning Welsh affect my child’s English?

No! In fact, it may even help your child’s English. By learning two languages at the same time, children become aware of how languages work in general. Recent results suggest that children who receive a bilingual education do better in subjects across the curriculum – including English! Research shows that being able to speak and use two languages improves a child’s ability to use and learn language in general.

Should I learn Welsh alongside my child?

Some parents, after choosing a Welsh-medium school for their child, decide to learn Welsh as well. It’s a great opportunity to learn together, to practice your language skills on each other and spend quality time together. Learn Welsh Pembrokeshire have a variety of courses that are suitable for learners at all levels.

Will I be able to help with homework later on?

Welsh-medium schools are well-equipped to support parents from non-Welsh speaking backgrounds with many different tools to help you. Schools can send homework out bilingually, which will help to foster your child’s translation skills and your child’s teacher will be more than happy to help you with your child’s homework. Research has also shown that children who have to translate a task for their parents get a better understanding of the subject, as the process of translation actually reinforces the subject in the child’s mind.

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