Welsh Medium Education Information

Pre-School Opportunities

If you’re choosing Welsh-medium education, there’s plenty of support available to give your child a solid foundation from an early age.

Cymraeg i blant (Welsh for Children): Antenatal groups, Massage groups, Baby yoga groups and Story and Song groups
Clwb Cwtsh: A fun-filled taster programme aimed at parents and extended family members, focusing on speaking Welsh with young children. You don’t need to be able to speak or understand any Welsh to join.
Cylch Ti a Fi (Ti a Fi Group): Groups for parents and small children where your child can enjoy playing and making friends in a Welsh environment
Nurseries: There are bilingual day nurseries that introduce Welsh to children from the start, through activities in Welsh and communicating in Welsh with the babies and small children.
Cylch Meithrin (Playgroup) – Education sessions and development for two-year-old children up to school age. The children have an opportunity to socialise and learn
Nursery classes at school: Some of our Welsh-medium schools have Nursery classes

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