School Attendance and Pupil Welfare

Family Holidays during Term Time

It is important that your child attends school regularly throughout the term in order to gain the maximum benefit from the education provided. Any applications for leave for a holiday during term time made by a parent with whom the pupil normally resides, will be considered on an individual basis by the head teacher or another person in the school who is authorised on behalf of the school, and it is at their discretion as to whether or not to authorise the absence. Save in exceptional circumstances, the pupil must not be granted more than ten school days leave for that purpose in any school year.

For further information on term time holidays, please contact your child's designated school. 

For other issues relating to school attendance please contact:

Kelly Hamid
Education Welfare Service Manager
Education Directorate
County Hall
Haverfordwest SA61 1TP

Tel: 01437 774658 

ID: 1268, revised 17/04/2023