Kerbside Collection

The Stackable Trolley Box

The Stackable Trolley Box is a multi-box recycling container that assembles neatly into one easily manoeuvrable unit, enabling multiple material streams to be collected at once.

You have the option to purchase a Stackable Trolley Box for the collection of certain streams of recycling.

  • The top box is for paper (replacing your blue box)
  • The middle box is for plastic bottles, tubs, pots and trays, metal packaging i.e. cans, tins, foil and foil trays and food and beverage cartons (replacing your red bag)
  • The bottom box is for glass bottles and jars (replacing your green box)

*Households will still be required to use the reusable blue bag to recycle their card and cardboard and the green caddy to recycle food waste*

Recyclable materials can be placed directly into the correct box either through the apertures for the bottom and middle boxes and into the top box by opening the hinged lid. There is no need to lift or separate the boxes.

The whole unit sits securely on a tough and durable trolley, allowing all three boxes and their contents to be wheeled to the kerbside in a single journey. This removes the need for any lifting, as well as minimising the need for assisted collections. 

If you would like to order a Stackable Trolley Box System, please call us on 01437 764551.

We are currently waiting for the Trolley Boxes to come back in to stock. 

If you would like to join our waiting list, please contact us and we will be in touch once the Trolley Boxes have been received from the manufacturers and we are in a position to deliver the system to households.

Details surrounding dimensions and capacity of the system:

Dimensions of Trolley Box

  • Height 1140mm
  • Width 700mm
  • Depth 660mm

Capacity of the Trolley Box

  • Bottom Box for Glass Bottles and Jars: 50 Litres
  • Middle Box for Plastic, Metal packaging and Food & Beverage Cartons: 70 Litres
  • Top Box for Paper: 40 Litres

Terms and Conditions

1. This trolley box is available to Pembrokeshire County Council domestic council tax payers only and only to those receiving the kerbside sort recycling service.

2. The deposit paid at the expression of interest stage is non-refundable and the trolley box will not be delivered to household until they have fully paid for the item.

3. Householders will assume full responsibility if the units are lost/damaged unless via proven misuse by PCC operatives.  In the instance of lost/damaged systems the householder will be required to purchase a new trolley box or use the standard containers available from PCC.

4. In instances where damage is due to misuse by PCC operatives residents will be asked to report this to PCC, along with any evidence, for review.

5. Households are required to store the trolley box on their own property and on collection day the trolley box should be left in an accessible, unobstructed position (i.e. no gravel or steps etc) at your usual collection point at the kerbside and returned to the property as soon as possible after collection. If households do not place the trolley box at a suitable collection point these containers will not be serviced by Pembrokeshire County Council. We reserve the right to change collection times so trolley boxes must always be out by 6.30 am.  

6. Properties with restricted access may not be suitable to utilise the trolley box system. PCC will assess your property and if it is not suitable, we will advise you of the other options available.

7. Only permitted items may be disposed of within the trolley box and must be loose and not contained in bags. Contaminated trolley boxes with non-permitted items will not be collected until the incorrect items are removed and the trolley box presented for the next scheduled collection.



ID: 5951, revised 14/03/2023