Kerbside Collection

Kerbside General FAQ's

What is changing?

The Welsh Government has set Pembrokeshire a target to recycle 70% by 2025. To achieve this, we have made changes to your recycling collections.

Below is a list of the recycling containers

  • Blue Reusable Sack – Cardboard & Card
  • Blue Box – Paper
  • Red Reusable Sack – Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays (excluding black and brown plastic), food and beverage cartons and metal packaging
  • Green Caddie – Food Waste
  • Green Box – Glass Bottles and Jars
  • Household-provided clear bag – Household Batteries

We will collect all your recycling and food waste weekly. To find out more about what can be included in each container watch our video about the Waste Changes or have a look at our guides explaining the new service.

Residual (non-recyclable) bag collections will be every three weeks. Households will be able to put out a maximum of three standard size grey / black residual bags every three weeks.

There are special arrangements for households of six or more people through the larger household green bag scheme.    

For those with children using nappies or adults using incontinence products, a FREE Absorbent Hygiene Product (AHP) subscription service is available

Please be aware that with an increased number of containers per household, the collection service will take longer. Please be patient with our crews when they are undertaking their duties

We are currently the top recycling authority in Wales. Last year (April 2019 – April 2020), a total of 72% of all household waste was recycled. We need to recycle 70% by 2025 to meet the Welsh Government’s mandatory targets. If these targets are not achieved the council may be fined.

This service encourages people to recycle as much as possible and only use their residual (non-recyclable) bags for things that cannot be recycled. We want to encourage residents to recycle more and help increase the amount we recycle across the County.

Our Kerbside Recycling will save money, which will help support and protect other council services.

We are starting to see significant changes in attitudes and practices where recycling is concerned. We take our role as custodians of our local and national environment seriously, and these changes are an improvement on what we as a Council and our residents can achieve.

When should I put out my waste and recycling?

You can check your collection day online or  sign up to free email or text notifications for your recycling and waste collection days via My Account.

These notifications will tell you what can be placed out for collection on the relevant day each week.

Please remember to put your containers out by 6.30am on your collection day.

How do I get new recycling containers?

We have delivered the new recycling containers to every household included on the Kerbside sort scheme, if you have not received a set these can be requested via

Why are the waste collections being reduced?

We are not reducing your waste and recycling collection service. We are asking that the same amount of waste be presented at the kerbside for collection, just in a different way.

This service change aims to encourage people to recycle as much as possible and only use their residual (non-recyclable) bags for things that cannot be recycled. Your recycling will be collected weekly, along with your food caddies, meaning that a significant amount of your waste will be taken from your household every week.

Over 75% of the waste presented at the kerbside in Pembrokeshire can be recycled through the introduction of this new service.

ID: 5489, revised 20/09/2023