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Improvement Planning

Corporate Plan 2020-21

What is our Corporate Plan?

Our is our plan for the future and sets out how we will plan and manage services in a more sustainable way.  The Plan is a requirement of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

The Corporate Plan is one of the ways in which we will achieve the vision we agreed in July 2016.  Working together, improving lives.  It is also one of the ways we will deliver the Pembrokeshire Public Service Board's Well-being Plan.  This was published in May 2018.  The plan has also been influenced by the Cabinet’s Programme for Administration 2018-22.

How our 2020-21 objectives compare with previous well-being objectives. 


2019-20 Well-being Objectives

Portfolio area

2020-21 Objective

1.    Continue to improve education outcomes so that every child achieves and contributes more than they thought possible


1. Education:  Pembrokeshire a great place to learn, live and grow

2.    We will continue to focus on prevention: helping people to stay in control of their own lives rather than becoming dependent on social services

Social Care

2. Social Care: We will do whatever we can to support people in leading the best life they can whilst focusing on prevention and ensuring vulnerable people are safe

3.    To make Pembrokeshire economically competitive, productive and prosperous, a great place to visit, live and work

Economic Development

Planning and Infrastructure

3. Economic: We will work with partners to promote Pembrokeshire as a great place to visit, live and work

4.    Provide good quality housing to provide security, wellbeing and quality of life for the residents of Pembrokeshire


4. Housing:  Enable affordable, decent, and adaptable homes for all in sustainable locations

5.    We will promote pride in Pembrokeshire seeking to enhance its reputation as a place for exceptional environmental quality

Environment and Welsh Language

5. We will promote pride in Pembrokeshire seeking to enhance its reputation as a place for exceptional environmental quality

6.    This is now part of the Relationships Transformation Theme


6. Transformation: Technology; Culture and Relationship


The Plan demonstrates how our well-being objectives meet the seven national well-being goals in the Act.  All of our objectives meet at least one national well-being goals.  We anticipate that our well-being objectives will change and develop as the Pembrokeshire Public Service Board's Well-being Plan evolves.

Previous legislation called the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2009 is still in force and we are under a duty to "make arrangements to secure continuous improvement in the exercise of our functions".  Alongside our six well-being objectives, our Corporate Plan details our transformation programme.  This is an ambitious five year programme to make substantial savings so that our spending does not exceed the resources available to us.

Each year we aim to improve quality of life in Pembrokeshire by providing better services to our customers and each year we consult with a wide range of people on the areas that should be prioritised for improvement.

If you wish to discuss any issues raised in this document then please contact:

Dan Shaw
Corporate Planning Manager
Tel: (01437) 775857

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