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How is Procurement Structured

In Financial Year 2022-23, Pembrokeshire County Council spent approximately £208 million (nett of Vat) on the procurement of a diverse range of goods, services and works from external organisations in the private and third sectors. We recognise the economic benefits of supporting local businesses and over 52% of our Procurement spend in this Financial Year was spent with businesses with a local base within Pembrokeshire.

This spend must be managed efficiently and effectively and it is the responsibility of the Procurement team to manage all of the Council’s procurement activities.

The Council uses a Category Management approach to procurement by grouping together related products and services across the entire Council into the nine categories set out as below.

Pembrokeshire CC 2022/23 Category Spend

  • Adult Social Care - £83.1m (40%)
  • Children’s Social Care - £8.8m (4%)
  • Professional Services & Consultancy – £8.6m (4%)
  • Building Maintenance - £15.7m (8%)
  • Construction & Special Projects - £34m (16%)
  • Facilities Management - £15.3m (8%)
  • Corporate & ICT - £17m (8%)
  • Highways & Parks – £8.2m (4%)
  • Transport - £17m (8%)
ID: 10849, revised 14/12/2023