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Highways Development

Consent to construct or alter vehicular access on to the public highway

Can I drop my kerb for off road parking?

You can only park a car on your property if you have a proper drive and the kerb has been lowered. In order to create a new access / dropped kerb an approved contractor will be required. No works can be executed until you have received consent from the Streetcare section. It is essential that prior to agreeing a start date with your contractor that the Streetcare section is contacted to agree a start date.

How do I get consent?

Anyone wishing to apply for a licence for a dropped kerb or create a new vehicular access must apply using the Section 184 application form and there is a fee of £145.50 to pay, per access. If you are serving more than one dwelling then the fee will be £198.00. Return this completed application form to Streetcare section. Please ensure the fee is included with your application.

Application for consent to construct or alter vehicular access on to the public highway

Note: It can take up to six weeks for consent to be granted. Streetcare will contact you confirming agreement or refusal of your Section 184 application. If your application is refused under any circumstances, the fee will not be reimbursed.

Following receipt of the licence you can instruct your approved contractor to carry out the work.

Do not start any alterations/new work until you have got written permission from the Streetcare Section.

List of contractors for S184 licence

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