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Waste and Recycling Centres

What charges apply?

Where charges are payable, as detailed in the table above, the following schedule of charges will apply.

Schedule of Charges - from 1st April 2021 to March 2022   

Schedule of charges    2021/2022
Per refuse sack/bag or equivalent £2.00 
Small load (pick up or small van) £71.00
Medium load (Transit size van or double axle trailer) £120.00 
Large load (Luton size van) £167.00 
(Traders) - Plasterboard & Gypsum per tonne estimate 
(Parts of a tonne are charged pro-rata with a minimum charge as below)
(Traders) - Plasterboard & Gypsum minimum Charge plus VAT £33.50
ID: 2341, revised 30/09/2021