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Due to schools being closed we are unable, at this time, to teach your child/ren essential pedestrian skills. We have put together a “Kerbcraft at Home” pack, providing you with information on how to deliver Kerbcraft.

If you would like to teach your child/ren Kerbcraft during your daily walks:

Kerbcraft at Home: Introduction

Kerbcraft at Home: Phase 1 

Kerbcraft at Home: Phase 2

Kerbcraft at Home: Phase 3

Kerbcraft is a national scheme, funded by the Welsh Assembly Government.  It aims to teach Year one and two pupil’s vital pedestrian skills, to aid the reduction of Child Pedestrian accidents.  It is carried out at the roadside by a member of the Road Safety Team and trained volunteers.  

Currently 32 schools throughout Pembrokeshire are involved in the scheme.  The project, which has been heralded by one head teacher as “a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness on road safety in Pembrokeshire”, the training  continues to receive enthusiastic support from parents, staff and members of the communities in which the training sessions take place. 

Kerbcraft was developed by a team of Psychologists at StrathclydeUniversity who designed the programme to teach 5-7 year olds three vital skills: Choosing safe places and routes; crossing safely at Parked cars and crossing safely at junctions.  Parents however are reminded that an adult should always accompany children of this age when walking near or crossing roads. 

1)    Choosing safe places and routes to cross the road - Children are helped to recognize the dangers and hazards and identify alternative crossing places. 

2)    Crossing safely at parked cars - Children are taught how to use a safe strategy for crossing near parked cars- when avoiding them is impossible. 

3)    Crossing safely at Junctions - Children are introduced to the problems of simple and complex junctions, and are taught a strategy for looking in all directions. 

Each skill is practiced at several different locations over a period of 4 weeks, in total 12 sessions should be completed by the children.

Parent volunteers and/or classroom assistants act as trainers for the scheme, working with very small groups of children and helping them to develop their observational skills and decision-making processes. To volunteer please e-mail:

If you are a parent, teacher or school governor and want to find out about starting Kerbcraft in your school, please contact the Road Safety Team

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