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Naming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies are a great way to celebrate key life events such as the birth of a new baby, welcoming an adopted child or step-child into the family or formally naming an older child.

The celebration takes the form of a unique civil ceremony that is personal to you and your family, giving an opportunity for you to express publicly your love and commitment to your child, and for adult friends and family to confirm their special relationship and support.

Naming ceremonies can be arranged by any parent, from any cultural background and with any spiritual or religious beliefs. There is no age limit to the naming ceremony and more than one child in the same family can be named at the same time. Your ceremony will be delivered by a professional member of the registration team.

Naming ceremonies give the opportunity to:

  • Celebrate the naming of a child/children
  • Express commitment to the child. The parent or parents pledge their care and love to their child in front of family and friends
  • Bring the child into the community. Relatives and guests meet and welcome the newest member of the family
  • Appoint mentors or supporting adults who will take a special interest in the upbringing of your children
  • Give grandparents the opportunity to make promises to support the parents in the raising of their new grandchild

What happens at a Naming Ceremony?

Each ceremony is divided into sections:

  • Introduction and welcome
  • Naming of the child/children
  • Parent's promises
  • Supporting adults/mentors promises
  • Readings and music
  • Signing of commemorative certificate
  • Presentation of gifts and certificate
  • Closing words

You don't need to include every section in your ceremony, you can make the ceremony as simple or complex as you wish. The length of the ceremony depends on your choices but usually takes 30 minutes.

Where can Naming Ceremonies be held?

We offer Naming Ceremonies in the Register Office and at Approved Premises within the county.

How much does a Naming Ceremony cost?

  • The Ceremony Room, Pembrokeshire Archives £182.00 - £307.00
  • Approved Premises:  £527.00 - £812.00

What documents will I need to produce?

The child's birth certificate must be produced when booking the ceremony. Please note naming ceremonies have no legal status and cannot be used to change a child's name. The certificates issued are for commemorative purposes only.

Our dedicated registration staff are here to offer support, advice and help to create your perfect day.

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