Where is Haverfordwest Farmers' Market?

Haverfordwest Farmers Market takes place on Castle Square, Haverfordwest, the bustling county town of Pembrokeshire, every Friday from 9am to 2pm. 

Haverfordwest Farmers Market has local farmers, growers and food and craft businesses selling their own produce/products directly to the consumer.

Producers offer a wide variety of quality food, alongside good customer service in an open and welcoming shopping environment.

A wide range of stalls is maintained, with a mix of conventional and organic primary and secondary producers.

“Customers enjoy a memorable shopping experience in a vibrant, friendly atmosphere, have confidence in the producers, their products and of receiving the choice of consistently high quality produce at every market” said Joanne Welch, Market Manager

“Buying local makes sense, not just economically and ethically as you are always guaranteed the highest quality, freshest produce, which is great value for money – and tastes fantastic too”. 


Q & A   

What is the purpose of a farmers market?

A farmers market is a place where you are guaranteed to find fresh local food and by supporting your local producers and farmers you are helping to ensure their future, support the local economy and also reduce food-miles.


Why buy at a farmers market?

All food at a farmers market is fresh and sold by the producer who has grown, reared, picked or produced the product, so you can ask questions about the produce you are buying


Is food cheaper at a farmers market?

It may not necessarily be cheaper, but you are definitely guaranteed good, fresh quality products which are worth the cost


What about food hygiene standards at a farmers market?

All stallholders are registered with their local Council and markets are regularly inspected as they have to comply with the same high standard of hygiene as any other food retailer.


For more information, please contact :

Joanne Welch, Food Development Officer
Tel : (01437) 776169
E-Mail :




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