Procurement Strategy 2023-27

Delivery of the strategy

It is recognised that the successful delivery of this Strategy requires a number of internal factors/actions to be undertaken. In 2022 the Council has also had an external review of Procurement undertaken which is also being addressed by the Service.  

Strategy Implementation Targets

  1. To communicate the new Procurement Strategy to all Officers: Commencement date - April 2023
  2. To hold a Members seminar to communicate the new Procurement Strategy and its implications: Commencement date - June 2023
  3. Completion of all recommendations from the 2022 external review into procurement: Commencement date - September 2023
  4. Completion of all 2022 Internal Audit recommendations for procurement: Commencement date - December 2023
  5. The review of Contract Procedure Rules to ensure compatibility with the forthcoming Procurement Reform and The Social Partnership and Public Procurement Bills: Commencement date - December 2023


If you would like a PDF copy of this strategy, please email

ID: 10655, revised 17/10/2023