Port Health

Infectious Disease Control

Pembrokeshire County Council has a duty to control infectious disease within its district.

Infectious diseases such as food poisoning, SARS, Tuberculosis and Noroviruses can be spread by crew and passengers on ships, and can potentially enter the UK through its ports.

It is the job of the Port Health team to investigate suspected and confirmed cases of infectious diseases in the Port areas.

Masters of ships arriving at a port in Pembrokeshire (Milford Haven, Pembroke or Fishguard) must notify the Port Health Team of suspected disease or illness on board the ship prior to entering the port so that adequate arrangements can be made to provide medical assistance and/or advice for any sick crew or passengers, and to control the risk of infectious diseases affecting the local population. 


Advice to Ship`s Masters  gives further guidance and emergency contact details.  A 'Maritime Declaration of Health' must also be completed where a report needs to be made.

Maritime Declaration of Health 1

Maritime Declaration of Health 2

ID: 2933, revised 29/06/2021