Port Health

Environmental Control

Pembrokeshire County Council has a duty to enforce certain provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, and the Port Health Team act as a first point of contact to members of the public and businesses with regard to statutory nuisances and pollution arising within the Port Health District. 

The Commercial Pollution Team based at County Hall, Haverfordwest provide assistance to the Port Health Team on such matters, and are also tasked with investigating matters arising outside the port area.

Typical notifications and complaints received by the Port Health Team include:

  • noise nuisance from vessels using the Milford Haven Waterway
  • smoke from vessels on the waterway
  • fly-tipping/illegal dumping in the port area 

Water Pollution
Natural Resources Wales are responsible for maintaining or improving the quality of fresh, marine, surface and underground water in Wales, however, the Port Health Team are often the first point of contact for public and industry with regard to such matters within the Milford Haven Port Health District.  The Team will therefore liaise with Natural Resources Wales in order to investigate and resolve issues relating to water pollution within its area.

Catering Waste from Vessels

Catering waste from vessels arriving in the UK is subject to certain controls and restrictions.

Seaports should have Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) approved facilities for the reception of waste from vessels.

All International Catering Waste (ICW) must be separated from general waste and kept secure in a clearly identifiable container marked "Category 1 Animal By-Product for disposal only".  If it is mixed in with other waste, then the whole amount must be dealt with as ICW.  This waste must be directly transported to an approved disposal site in dedicated covered, leak proof containers.   The Port Health Team is jointly responsible along with officers from the State Veterinary Service for ensuring that ICW is properly disposed of, and carry out regular checks in order to ensure that ICW is handled and disposed of in accordance with relevant legislation.  Further information on ICW can be found on the DEFRA web-page.

ID: 2934, revised 29/06/2021