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Licensing of Events

Licensing for Large Temporary Events

This relates to applications for large events that are temporary in nature, but cannot be authorised under a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) because of the number of persons who will be present or because the event spans more days than permitted by a TEN. Generally, these events will be licensed under a time limited Premises Licence lasting for the duration of the event.

The Licensing Authority advises people wishing to hold such events to contact the Licensing Team for advice prior to making an application.

The Licensing Team may ask applicants seeking a time limited premises Licence for a large event to attend a meeting of the Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG). The ESAG does not determine licence applications or impose conditions, but will be able to provide advice and guidance on an Event Management Plan (EMP) for the event.

Applicants are strongly urged to consult the ESAG and produce a draft EMP prior to submitting a licence application.

An example EMP can be downloaded here.

Please note: this is only an example and it is likely that you will need to add, adapt, alter and improve upon the detail in the content accordingly to arrive at a tailored, robust plan that reflects the specifics of your event.

Where an EMP is considered inadequate, a responsible authority may make a representation to the Licensing Authority about the application which will necessitate a hearing.

Generally, event organisers providing an EMP as part of their application are advised to offer only the following conditions in their Operating Schedule:

  1. The Licensee shall comply with the Event Management Plan submitted to the Licensing Authority and no changes shall be made to the Event Management Plan without the prior written consent of the Licensing Authority.
  2. The Event shall be run in accordance with the Event Management Plan submitted to the Licensing Authority. No changes shall be made to the site plan without the prior written consent of the Licensing Authority.

This approach allows the event organiser flexibility to make changes to the EMP without the need to make a fresh application for a Premises Licence or an application to vary the Premises Licence already granted. Without this approach, any changes made could be unauthorised and possibly result in enforcement action.

There are certain allowances and exemptions to the above so we would advise you to contact a member of our Licensing Team to discuss the details of your proposed event. We will then be able to provide you with more specific advice.

Licensing Team: 01437 764551

Further information (including fees, charges and ways to make an application) is available: Licensing



ID: 4826, revised 14/02/2020