Complaints about Food or Food Premises

Advice on handling food complaints

  • Reseal food and put it in a safe place - refrigerator or freezer as necessary.
  • Do not tamper with the food and leave all foreign bodies in the food for the officer to examine.
  • Keep all packaging and other packs that are of the same type for the officer to examine.
  • Avoid eating remaining products in the pack, e.g. a six pack or a four pack etc.
  • Make some notes that could be used in the form of a statement to include where and when you purchased the product, at what time etc. Details of handling the product at purchase up to when the problem was discovered and following the discovery.
  • Once a food complaint has been made, an officer will contact you to arrange to collect the food if you are unable to bring it in to the Council. We will ask you a number of questions relating to where and when you bought the food, when you found the complaint in question, effects of eating the food, how the food was stored etc. We will ask you whether you are willing to give evidence in Court, if necessary. This may be in person, or more likely via a Witness Statement. This will be essential if formal action is subsequently required.
ID: 1560, revised 23/08/2017