Choosing care services

Who can provide help in your home?

Help from privately-run and voluntary organisations

There are many care service providers in Pembrokeshire that you can buy care from.

The Contact Centre can provide you with a list of care providers. Tel: 01437 764551

You can also contact CIW for a list of registered providers.

Tel: 0300 7900 126

For details of voluntary organisations that may be able to help, contact PAVS

Tel: 01437 769422

Help from Adult Care

Adult Care will work with people, who qualify for their help, to identify which resources and support can be put into place to enable them where possible, to retain or maintain their independence. 

Help at home will only be arranged for people who need a great deal of support; for example, people who need help with their personal care and people who have just come out of hospital.


Reablement is short-term support, tailored to meet individual needs and to help restore independence after a period of illness in the community following discharge from hospital or loss of self confidence, or to prevent unnecessary hospital admission. The aim is to ensure you have the skills and confidence needed to live safely in your own home, without the need for long term care. Reablement support may also include the use of equipment and aids that enable and support you to do things for yourself.   

Initial help may come from Adult Care, with ongoing long term care being provided by other service providers. 
Tel: 01437 764551  


Direct Payments

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