Choosing care services

Types of Care

Personal care

Help with such things as getting up, going to bed, dressing, undressing, washing, bathing, personal hygiene, eating and drinking, using the toilet, managing incontinence, tooth and denture care. It also includes help with health related tasks that are done under the guidance of a doctor or community nurse. All organisations offering personal care have to register with the CSSIW.

Nursing care

Given by qualified nurses, and can include tasks such as changing dressings or giving injections as well as general nursing care. All organisations offering nursing care have to be registered with CSSIW.

Night care 

Organisations can provide both sleeping or waking night care. When you contact an organisation you should make clear what kind of care you need. If it involves any personal or nursing care, then the organisation needs to be registered with the CSSIW.

Live in help 

Can be anything from a few days help in an emergency to long term help. If personal or nursing care is included, organisations offering live-in help need to be registered with CSSIW.

ID: 2147, revised 11/08/2022