Business Properties to Let

Bridge Innovation Centre

Situated near the Cleddau Bridge, the Bridge Innovation Centre has offices and growth units available:


Growth Units

In addition to the offices within the main building the Bridge Innovation Centre (opens in a new tab) offers practical workshop space. 

Each workshop has a high tech office, generous workspace and its own dedicated Plant Room which houses a gas boiler, the utility meters and the main power distribution board. 

Workshops range from 125.4 sq m (1350 sq ft) to 273.1 sq m (2940 sq ft).  

Occupiers are responsible for paying their own utilities and Business Rates and a basic rental of £6 a sq ft. 

With the prior agreement of Pembrokeshire County Council tenants may undertake interior alterations which can provide a full first floor which effectively doubles the floor area of the workshop.

This effectively reduces rent to £3 a sq ft and can create a large office space, computer rooms, clean rooms or other types of laboratory space.

Provisional rates based on a multiplier of 0.452 (to be confirmed).



ID: 1408, revised 28/11/2023