Better Broadband

Copper switch off to digital voice

Traditional landline services, that rely on a copper connection are now changing over to a digital version called Voice over IP (VoIP). If you are using a landline for your home or business, don’t worry you’ll still be able to use it, however you’ll need to contact your provider so that they can talk you through keeping the same phone number and explain if your current handset is compatible.

Main points to note:

  • Your home or business phone will plug into your router instead of the phone socket.
  • You will be able to use your landline with your current broadband, it is not dependent on having full fibre broadband.
  • Most landline devices will already be digitally compatible. However, you must always check with your device provider to make sure you can still connect to careline or telecare services over your home phone when switched over.
  • If you rely on care services through the home phone your provider will be able to let you know what they have put in place for emergency situations where the internet isn’t working.
  • It’s important to set up your new Voice over IP service, before cancelling your current landline package to make sure that your number isn’t released and you can transfer it over for continued use.
  • If you are in doubt about anything, your provider is your first point of contact to help you.
ID: 11655, revised 18/07/2024