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Transitions means change:

The transition team, work with young people age 14years to 25 years, who are transitioning from Children services to Adult services, leaving care, who may have a Learning disability, Autism Spectrum Condition, or additional needs that require intervention from the Transitions Team.

We are committed to a progression model, to maximise the independence of all those who need services, by:

  • Meeting assessed individual need, planning for the future, supporting the young person to reach their full potential.  
  • Work alongside the young person, families and carers
  • Provide services in a fair, transparent and consistent way.
  • Provide services which are effective and meet clear standards.
  • Work in partnership with Children Services, Education, Health Services, and 3rd Sector Agencies, this is not an exhausted list.

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ID: 6943, revised 09/09/2021