Learning and Development

Learning and Development

Our people are at the heart of what we do. Without them progress wouldn’t be possible, which is why it is important for us to invest in your future. We want to make sure that you to have access to the best support and development opportunities, giving you the tools, knowledge and confidence that you need for your chosen path.

Our carefully structured 3-phase Induction experience responds to your individual needs, helping you to feel confident and settled in your new role.

We understand that good supervision is essential to effective practice, personal development and wellbeing. Our strengths-based approach to Appreciative Supervision has been commended by BASW Cymru for innovative practice and puts you at the centre of your supervision so that you feel safe, trusted and valued.

We will support your Post Registration Training & Development with extensive range of training, learning and support, including the AMHP Programme, Practice Educator Award, specialist one to one and group training, coaching and leadership & management programmes.

And, if you are passionate about supporting the next generation of Social Workers, there are opportunities to support social work students in their practice placements, or to mentor newly qualified social workers (NQSWs) in their first year in practice. Read on to hear more about the learning and development opportunities we can offer here….. 


The importance of a good induction cannot be underestimated and we all have a part to play in supporting the newest members of our team. Our comprehensive welcome process for Social Services employees has 3 phases to make sure that you are warmly welcomed with a well-structured, carefully planned induction experience that responds to your individual needs so that you feel confident and valued in your new role.

Appreciative Supervision 

Good supervision is essential to your effective practice, personal development and wellbeing, and our new strengths-based approach to Appreciative Supervision has been commended by BASW Cymru for innovative practice. 

Post Registration Training & Learning (PRTL)

We have a proactive approach to training and complete a training needs analysis with our teams annually to ensure that the right training is provided for the right people. In addition to the areas highlighted below, we offer an extensive range of training, learning and support, including coaching and specialist one to one and group training. Applications for specialist training and qualification opportunities are considered and awarded via our qualifications panel, a fair and transparent process designed to promote equality, encourage people to continue their personal and professional development and recognise and develop talent.

Support for Newly Qualified Social Workers

Our newly qualified Social Workers (NQSWs) benefit from a comprehensive model of support in your first three years in professional practiceOur First Three Years in Practice Framework includes a tailored induction, quality supervision, effective mentoring and opportunity for continuing professional development to help you to make the smooth transition from student to confident and competent practitioner.

Mentor a NQSW

Are you an experienced Social Worker with a desire to develop your practice and consolidate your knowledge in a rewarding role? We offer experienced Social Workers the opportunity to take on a mentoring role for NQSWs, with dedicated in-house mentoring skills training and regular peer group support.

Practice Educator - Train the next generation

Frontline social care is just one element of our work. We are also committed to training the next generation of social workers. In partnership with top universities, we provide a number of student placements in a range of settings across Adults and Children’s Services each year. Read on to find out more about the opportunities available for social workers who have or may wish to study for the Practice Educator Award

Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP)Programme

Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs) need to be able to think on their feet and remain calm and level headed while working with people in acute mental distress at a time of crisis. We can offer social workers with these qualities an opportunity to apply for funding and support to study for the AMHP postgraduate certificate. Read on to find out more the AMHP role.

Management and Leadership programmes

We fully encourage our aspiring leaders to develop their management and leadership skills. Our programmes include the Corporate Leadership and Management Development Framework, Middle Manager Development Programme (MMDP) and Team Manager Development Programme (TMDP).

Welsh language

For those keen to learn a new language, there are a number of ways in which we can support you to learn Welsh.

Your Health and Wellbeing

While we expect you to do the best for those people in your care, we understand how challenging working in Social Care can be. That is why we offer a wide range of one to one and online training and resources to support your health and wellbeing, including a professional in-house occupational health service and access to counselling services, but it doesn’t stop there. We are continually seeking new health and wellbeing initiatives to make sure that you feel valued and cared for in your role.

And finally…

We understand career paths are not always linear journeys, which is why we will do our best to provide diverse work opportunities and support you moving between roles and across teams to pursue your interests.

Our work is changing lives. If you share our passion for making a difference to adults, children, young people and families, have a look at our Social Care vacancies. We would be delighted if you would join us. 

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