Self Care

GP Practices

GP practices in Pembrokeshire providing general primary and preventative care to patients. They are a patient’s first point of contact, providing care for routine, urgent and chronic problems. GPs may refer patients onto hospital, specialist and community services.

Your GP practice provides care Monday – Friday, 08.00am - 6.30pm.

Your GP practice can also provide you with advice and contact details for a range of community support groups and voluntary organisations. If you help care for someone your GP can register you as a carer in their records through the Investors in Carers scheme, which aims to provide carers with the support they need from GP surgeries and Health Centres (see Advice and support for carers, family and friends for more information). Alternatively, contact the Carer’s Information Service on 01437 764551.

Some GP practices now offer online services, such as repeat prescription ordering and appointment booking. Ask your surgery for information.

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