Pembrokeshire Youth Bank

Application Criteria

In order to have a chance for your project to be funded, it must meet the criteria set by ourselves and our funders. 

One of the main criteria is that the project must be a project, what we mean by this is if its an enterprise project you can't apply to buy the products you are selling, you need to apply for materials and the young people need to produce the products that you will be planning to sell. 

Points to note:

  • We do not fund day or residential trips as these do not meet any of the criteria
  • If the project is self-sustaining then this is a massive help for the project

Pembrokeshire Youth Bank Criteria 



Projects that benefit the local community where young people raise awareness and money for charity organisation


Projects that help young people in poverty, or in an area where poverty is a problem


If your project is to buy materials to make things for an enterprise.


Projects that support physical or mental well-being


Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (2015)

Application are welcomes that support the following wellbeing goals:

  • A Prosperous Wales
  • Resiliant Wales
  • A Healthier Wales
  • A Wales of Cohesive Communities
  • A Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh Language
  • A globally responsible Wales

More information on Well-being of Future Generations Act (opens in a new tab) is available.


Email: for more information to be able to apply.


Why might you application be rejected?

There are a few reasons why your project may be rejected, 

  • The most common reason is that we, the young people, do not feel like the project meets our criteria. 
  • The application may look like an adult wrote it.
  • The requested items to fund could be over-priced compared to what they are
  • The project might not come across as a project, as mentioned at the top of this page
  • Did not fill in a evaluation form if you have applied for a project previously
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