Our Courses


Springboard is a Learning Pembrokeshire project which runs a wide range of fun, free and exciting courses for adults and families in targeted areas.

Why join Springboard? Learning Pembrokeshire Springboard

Through joining one of our courses you and your family can have fun, learn new skills, meet new people, and open up your horizons.  

What kinds of courses can you do? 

Springboard's courses are designed for adults and families to have fun while learning. From Bread Baking to Beauty Makeovers, Carpentry to Cooking, and Singing to Site Safety... if it helps you and your family get the most out of learning, we'll run it!  

Where can I view the current timetables? 

To see the current Springboard timetables for all Springboard areas, please go to our Facebook page Springboard Pembrokeshire Facebook (opens new window)  

Who can take part?

Springboard's courses are open to adults who have a child in their family attending one of our partner schools.

When do Springboard activities run?

Springboard runs a different programme of activities either side of every half term. Our morning and afternoon sessions are perfectly timed to fit into the school day.     

Where do our activities take place? 

Springboard courses take place in the heart of your community either through your local community school or at a local community venue close by!   

Is there help with childcare?

Subject to demand and availability Springboard can provide free crèche services for children over 6 weeks old to make it easier for you to get involved!

How can I take part?   

It's easy to get involved. Just text, call or email the Springboard Co-ordinator.

Laura Phillips, Springboard Co-ordinator
Tel: 07500 918 050,
E-mail: laura.phillips@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Facebook: Springboard Pembrokeshire Facebook (opens new window)  

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