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Local Land Charges Service

From 3rd April 2023 we will no longer provide a Local Land Charges search service.  

After this date, our Local Land Charges Register will have migrated to HM Land Registry’s national register. You will be able to access a new digital service through Portal, Business Gateway and on HM Land Registry’s GOV.UK pages.

Pembrokeshire County Council will continue to provide replies to Con29 enquiries.

It is important to remember to only submit the required fee of £124.80 (residential) £124.80 (commercial) when submitting a CON29 enquiry to us after 1st April 2023

For more information visit GOV.UK


What is the Local Land Charges Service?

The Local Land Charges service is provided for anyone purchasing, property or land within the Pembrokeshire County Council boundary area.

The purpose of the service is to make sure prospective purchasers have all the information they need on a particular property or plot of land to be make an informed decision.

You can request Local Land Charges searches online via My Account

How does the service work?

Each time a property or piece of land is purchased or leased a valuation is carried out. Our Local Land Charges team then maintain the Local Land Charges Register to make sure that when a search on the property or piece of land is carried out the information is up to date and accurate

A search involves an:

  • CON29 form which provides information regarding highway, planning and environmental matters

We also work closely with other teams such as:

  • Transport
  • Environment
  • Development
  • Social Care
  • Housing

What we need you to do

For us to deal with your property or land search promptly we need you to:

Tip: for example, information on additional side or back roads, or roads running alongside the boundary of the property or land will only be returned on the search if they are specified by name in ‘Box C’ or referred to or highlighted on the submitted location plan



 CON29 fee


 Sub total

 New fee total

Standard Search and CON29R





Optional enquiries (4-21)





Optional enquiries (question 22)





Solicitors own questions





Extra parcels of land






If you need a copy of a document, please email: landcharges@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Note: Our team does not hold information on highways, planning or environmental health matters. To save any delay with your search, please contact those services directly for further assistance


The Local Authorities (Charges for Property Searches) (Wales) Regulations 2009 require us to publish information about the cost of providing its local land charge service as well as the income it receives.

Year 2022 to 2023

  • Income £136,645.14
  • Expenditure £205,956.31
  • Full Search Fee £104.80
  • LLC1 Only Fee £6.00
  • Full Search Volume 2,590
  • LLC1 Only Volume 453


For more info:

Tel: 01437 776224




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