Housing Support

Housing Support

The housing team can offer information and advice:

  • If you are homeless and/or want to apply for social housing
  • If you have an assessed care need housing officers will offer advice on a range of housing options
  • On Disabled Facilities Grants to help owners/occupiers or tenants to alter their home to make it easier to live in
  • On insulating, improving or maintaining your home

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Housing Support Grant (HSG)

Social Housing

Sheltered Housing

Extra Care

Moving in to a residential home

Wales & West Housing Association


Housing Support Grant (HSG) 

The purpose of the Housing Support Grant is to prevent homelessness and support people to have the capability, independence, skills and confidence to access and/or maintain a stable and suitable home. By commissioning specialist and generic services, we aim to reduce and prevent homelessness and to ensure that any homelessness that cannot be prevented is brief and unrepeated.

What services do the Housing Support Grant fund?

  • Supported accommodation
  • Support for individuals who are sleeping rough
  • Refuge for women and children who are fleeing domestic abuse
  • Support at the Local Authority's emergency/temporary accommodation
  • Generic and specialist floating support for individuals in their own homes or in the community

What support can be offered?

  • Our Providers can work in partnership with you to:
  • Access safe, suitable and sustainable accommodation and negotiate appropriate tenancy terms;
  • Manage your debts and money, such as rent arrears, claiming benefits, and budgeting on a low income;
  • Develop or maintain the skills and confidence necessary for you to live as independently as possible in a safe and suitable home;
  • Access emotional support which promotes resilience and well-being;
  • Signposting and access to other services such as health, social care and other agencies;
  • Improve the sustainability of your housing by tackling any social isolation and helping you play a full part in the community;
  • Support you to access services which provide opportunities for education, training, volunteering, and employment;
  • Understand your housing rights, including welfare rights.


How to access

All referrals for support are processed through our Housing Support Gateway. The Housing Support Gateway forms a single point of contact for all incoming referrals and will assess each referral before identifying and making an onward referral to the most suitable provider to support with the identified needs.

If you or someone that you support would benefit from a referral, please complete the online referral form below:

Housing Support Grant Referral Form 

Alternatively, if you are unable to complete this form, please contact Gateway@pembrokeshire.gov.uk to request a referral form.

Housing Support Programme (HSP) Strategy 2022-26

This strategy sets out the approach that Pembrokeshire County Council will take to continuing to support our most vulnerable residents – those who are risk of, or experience homelessness and those who need support to maintain their tenancies and live as part of their communities.

Fundamental to this strategy is the aim of helping people live independently in the community. This includes not just access to appropriate housing but strategic action to ensure that there is adequate supply of the homes that are required across Pembrokeshire.

Housing Support Programme (HSP) Strategy 2022–26

If you require any additional information please contact the team on:

Tel: 01437 764551

Email: supporting.people@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Forms & downloads

For data collected 1st April 2023 to 30th September 2023

New Outcomes Guidance (opens in a new tab)

Privacy Notice - Housing Support Grant  

Social housing 

Affordable rented housing is provided by both the Council and housing associations. To be eligible you must apply to join our Housing Register. Forms are available from us and housing associations. 

Sheltered housing 

Sheltered housing is mainly for older people and usually takes the form of a group of small bungalows or flats with a warden who can give some help and support in an emergency. 

Extra care 

Extra care offers an alternative to residential care, with good quality apartments and a range of quality services such as a restaurant that caters lunches, which ensure that you can continue to live independently for as long as possible. 

For all housing enquiries: 01437 764551 

Moving into a Residential Home 

If you are assessed as needing to move into residential care you may be eligible for help with the costs.

Care Homes in Wales: Your questions answered

The guide covers a wide range of topics, including finding a care home that meets your needs; the information that should be available from a care home; having a say in decisions; activities and socialising; accessing health care; and what to do if you are unhappy with a care home.

The guide can be found here: Older People Wales (opens in a new tab)

If you would like to receive a copy (or copies) of the guide, please call 03442 640 670 

Wales and West Housing Association 

This service is available regardless of the tenure; whether you rent or own your home.

Our Supported Housing Officers provide a much needed housing related support service and the type of support/assistance provided are: 

  • to manage the upkeep of your home
  • to access benefits
  • in getting involved in the community
  • at times of bereavement
  • to access care services
  • to set up alarm systems or assistive technology
  • with advice about other housing options
  • with accessing adaptations and equipment

This support and assistance service is: 

  • available to any older person living in any kind of tenure (owner occupier or living in rented accommodation). We can also make visits to hospitals/residential homes if there is a need.
  • provided as long as is required; there is no time limit whilst support needs have been identified
  • conducted in both Welsh and English; whichever is the preferred language of the service user.
  • highly confidential.
  • free

Referrals for the service are taken from statutory services, self-referrals and voluntary sector agencies. Support Officers will visit you at home to assess your needs and see what assistance can be provided. They will deliver housing related support to you until you are happy that your needs have been met. Support can be in your home or at a location of your choice such as a café or drop-in centre.

Wales and West Housing Association (opens in a new tab)  

Pembrokeshire Action for The Homeless (PATH) 

PATH provides people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness with advice, assistance and advocacy to enable them to secure safe and affordable accommodation. They offer a range of services that can help people secure and/or maintain a tenancy, including resettlement packages, debt advice, crisis intervention, starter packs for rough sleepers or new tenants, bond schemes, travel warrant schemes and more.

Pembrokeshire Care Society (opens in a new tab)

7 Picton Place, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA61 2LE

e-mail: pcs@pembrokeshirecaresociety.org.uk

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Sheltered housing

Sheltered housing is mainly for older people and usually takes the form of a group of small bungalows or flats with a warden who can give some help and support in an emergency. 

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