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Haverfordwest Airport

Airport facilities

3 1199m 1202 1199
21 1199m 1269 1199
9 830m 800 1035
27 800m 800 1005


Navigation Aids
NDB HAV' 328  on airfield 
DME HDW' 116.75 on airfield
Both normally radiate H24


Frequency is 123.605
Callsign is 'Haverfordwest Radio'


Jet A1 up to 72,000 litre storage capacity, 8,200 litre on wheels, pressurised and open line re-fuelling
Avgas up to 44,000 litre storage capacity, self service pump and bowser capability
Free landing with 60+ litres Avgas


Rescue Fire Fighting Service
We operate at RFS Category 1 with the ability to increase to Category 2 on request. We can accept Category 3 aircraft under remission.
Our fire fighting vehicle fleet is impressive for the size of our airport and comprises:
  Fire 1 Fire 2 Fire 3
Vehicle type Scamell Mk 10 Dodge Ram Range Rover TACR
Water capacity (in litres) 2730 1000 850
Type of foam and capacity (in litres) FFFP 360 FFFP 125 50 FFFP Premix
Discharge rate monitor (if applicable) 680 low
1360 high
900 n/a

Discharge rate sideline (litres/min)

225 225 225

CO2 carried (kg)

20 10 15
Type of powder and capacity Monnex 27kg Monnex 70kg Monnex 27kg
Automotive test 0-80 (km/hr) 24.5 seconds 23 seconds 18 seconds
Top speed 104 kph 110 kph 115 kph


RUNWAY (designator) 21
APAPI Low intensity Low intensity
Runway edge Low intensity Low intensity
Threshold Low intensity Low intensity
End Low intensity Low intensity
Taxiway edge Retroflective Retroflective
Illuminated windsleeves Yes Yes
Floodlighting Between hangars 1, 3 and 4 Between hangars 1, 3 and 4
Beacon Yes, flashes green ‘HW' Yes, flashes green ‘HW'


We have a range of hangarage available from overnight parking to 10,000 sqft, with additional 1,000 sqft of office space.
Contact us directly for details.


Propellers Café is open seven days a week normally from 0830 - 1600 Monday - Saturday and 0900 to 1600 on Sundays.
The café serves a variety of hot and cold food and drink, including a locally renowned breakfast.
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