Food law enforcement plan

Food Safety and Standards Promotion

In 2021-22 the Food Safety and Standards Team supported the following activities with the aim of promoting knowledge and understanding of food hygiene and standards within Pembrokeshire:

  • Crucial Crew - This project aims to teach Year 6 school children about food safety in the home by giving and reinforcing a number of food safety messages relating to the importance of handwashing and the 4 Cs via an audio visual presentation, accompanied by an interactive question and answer session. This takes place within the context of “Crucial Crew”, an event attended over 9 days by Pembrokeshire Schools, during which they also learn about other safety issues from the emergency services and other bodies. The team was supported during 2021-22 by the Food Standards Agency and their appointed contractor.

These areas of promotional work will continue to be supported during 2022-23

ID: 9923, revised 20/04/2023