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Health Visitors

Our aim to provide you with a friendly, caring and accessible service. The Health Visiting Service in Flying Start is able to provide additional home visits from the ante natal period through to 3 years and 11months. This is to support you with parenting and to provide you with any help and advice which you might need. 

Community Nursery Nurses

The Flying Start Health Visitors are supported by a team of Community Nursery Nurses, who offer a range of help and support at a group or one to one within the home. These include, caring for your new baby, feeding, weaning, sleep routines, potty training and behaviour issues.

Group sessions include baby massage, under 1s and toddler groups. 


The Flying Start Midwife offers additional support for women during the pregnancy and the immediate post natal period. 

Women who may need additional support are teenage mums, unsupported mums or mums who are vulnerable due to health or circumstances. 

The Flying Start Midwives offer advice on staying healthy during pregnancy, maximising your chances of a normal birth, what happens when labour becomes more complex, breast feeding and infant feeding, care of the newborn and postnatal recovery. The focus is on maximising your unborn baby's mental and physical development and bonding with your baby. 

You can ask you midwife to refer you or refer yourself by ringing 01437 770013 and leaving a message for us to call you back. 

Rhian Walters - Flying Start Midwife 

Speech & Language Team

Supporting children's language and communication development is a core aim of the Flying Start project. 

The importance of targeting and identifying children who are having difficulties as early as possible is well evidenced. As is research into brain development which has shown the first three years of a child's life are crucial to the development of good language and communication skills. 

What do the Speech & Language Team do?

  • Provide general communication support for all children
  • Ensure that other members of the Flying Start team are able to identify and support children's speech, language and communication difficulties
  • Provide parents/carers with specific and practical strategies to develop children's language through play 

The Health team will also refer you to other agencies within Flying Start if required.

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