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Event Planning and Notification

Timing of event

Other events

Consider if there are other events taking place on the same day and what the impact of that might be for participants, spectators, landowners, other users, accommodation providers, available parking, traffic and any other related services.

As well as considering other events, remember that Pembrokeshire is also a popular destination for those seeking quiet recreation and the character of the area. Assess the impact your event might have on the public and whether you need to consider additional measures such as stewarding to avoid potential conflicts with other residents or visitors to Pembrokeshire.

To check if your planned event would clash with other events check out Visit Wales, Pembrokeshire Radio, and What’s on Pembs, together with community websites.

Time of Year

Consider holding your event outside the main holiday periods, which can provide an economic boost for the area at quieter times and also reduce pressure on businesses during the peak season.

Quieter times can also open up more choice for event participants and spectators regarding accommodation and places to visit, to eat and drink and reduce traffic related congestion. Local businesses will be very eager to have additional event-based business in times other than the main holiday periods.

Seasonal land management

There are a variety of land management activities that take place on a seasonal basis that should be considered, such as calving, lambing, harvesting crops, silage or haymaking.  It is always best to discuss timing of events with the land owner.  There can also be environmental sensitivities at particular times of the year, such as bird breeding seasons and grey seal pupping. 

The Pembrokeshire Marine Code  promotes codes of conducts relating to marine wildlife and includes maps showing areas sensitive to marine wildlife.

The Outdoor Charter Group also promotes the sustainable use of Pembrokeshire’s landscapes for recreational and leisure activities.



Weather can also present challenges when choosing the best time and place to hold an active outdoor event.  Weather changes can be quick and drastic. An area/location that could be perfect in dry weather could present substantial challenges/risks to both participants and the environment when dealing with wet weather conditions.  Addressing wet weather alternatives/controls for both areas/routes and event timings should be considered in the research and consultation stage. 

To identify areas at risk of flooding see the Natural Resources Wales website.


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